Cheap Joe's Commitment to Being Green

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At Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff, we are committed to leaving this world in a condition suitable for future generations. Because of this mindset, we offer as many "green" products as possible in an effort to reduce our impact (or carbon footprint) on the environment.

To further our commitment, this year we joined other North Carolina businesses in support of environmental initiatives such as renewable energy projects. We are proud to announce that we are a 100% Offset Sponsor of NC GreenPower. NC GreenPower is an independent, non-profit organization that receives its funding through voluntary individual and business contributions. They currently support the generation of enough renewable electricity to power more than 2,500 homes annually and they subsidize more than 250 renewable energy projects that are producing green power right here in North Carolina. Through our corporate sponsorship, we will be purchasing green power equal to our monthly electrical consumption. You may ask, "How exactly does this benefit the environment?"

For starters, our level of sponsorship will be used to support an additional 120,000 kWh of renewable energy generation per year, having an environmental impact of:

  • Equivalent traditional electricity usage to power eight average North Carolina homes for 375 days
  • Reducing the consumption of coal by 97,200 lbs., or
  • Planting 19,208 trees

NC GreenPower provides an easy and effective opportunity to balance your impact on the environment. This landmark nonprofit offers complementary ways to make a difference – Renewable Energy that supports cleaner energy sources and Carbon Offsets that mitigate greenhouse gases. Combined with your personal energy conservation, NC GreenPower's Renewable Energy and Carbon Offsets help you create a cleaner and greener environment.

"We believe that our contribution to NC GreenPower will help build a cleaner energy supply, a healthier environment and a stronger economy for North Carolina now and for the future," says Mike Roberts, CFO of Cheap Joe's Art Stuff.

To learn more about NC GreenPower and how you can participate, visit or call toll free 866-533-NCGP (6247).

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