See what folks think of Joe and Cheap Joe's Art Stuff!

"Dear Joe and the Gang, Well through the years, you Have supplied me with all my art supplies... My paintings in the AWS and NWS this year are both painted with American Journey Artists' Watercolors. In a large way you are a part of my success and for this i am grateful." ~ Cathy Hegeman - Cheap Joe's Customer
"For years I would open the Cheap Joe ' Art Stuff catalog to read the handwritten notes recommending artist material, antecdotes for living, painting, and just loving life. Joe Miller ' words inspired me to paint without fear, and stand proud with that finished piece of artwork. I learned that laughter, perseverance and confidence would reflect in my brush strokes. Never give up, paint as though there is no tomorrow, and not to take it all so seriously. Joe Miller will forever be my hero. His words taught me to invest into myself. I will forever smile remembering the day I met the legendary Mr. Joe Miller! Thanks for touching so many of our lives!" ~ Joyce Faulknor - Cheap Joe's Workshop Instructor
"Every employee at Cheap Joe ' is an ambassador of goodwill." ~ Cheap Joe's Customer
"Thanks to everyone at Cheap Joe's for a wonder Art Workshop experience. Everyone there is so kind and friendly while handling everything proficiently and expertly. All the little extras provided make Cheap Joe's the best place ever to take a Art Workshop." ~ Cheap Joe's Customer and Workshopper
"I was wanting to wait until I made and received an order from you to write, but couldn't wait. I really can't believe I want to tell you this, I never thought of myself as crazy, but your catalog made me so happy! The words eye candy come to mind!… ...Everything looks like a lot of work and consideration went into the design! If the catalog was this important to you!  I can't wait to know more about Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff!…  …I look forward to ordering from you soon!" ~ Glinda May - Cheap Joe's Customer
"All who are lucky enough to bump into Joe Miller AKA Cheap Joe, realize they are not in regular company. If he is not sporting his Coon Skin head gear, he is in disguise;funny, hilarious...but always kind. And that is the backbone of Joe Miller. Kindness in both business and personal life. When a fire destroyed multiple art studios in an art complex in Florida, Cheap Joe ' sent supplies for all. A hurricane in NC and Cheap Joe's is there to help. I am often involved in work with children of limited means, and it is Cheap Joe ' who says sure and ships supplies and treats for some who have so very little. Quietly and kindly, many are gifted the tools to brighten their life. Many years ago, in recognition of his constant support, Joe was made an honorary Member of the Florida Watercolor Society and he even has head gear to prove it! The annual FWS Exhibition and Trade Show would not be the same without the spirit and liveliness of Joe and the gang. And there is the clever, funny, huggable; no telling what is coming next; crazy hair entertainer who takes the stage with his pal Chee; and the sky's the limit for ribald good humor and laughing until your sides hurt. Joe Miller the stage hound. Kanuga Artist workshops could have sold tickets to their performance;had we only known how the devil would make them do it! And then there is Joe Miller the serious man, the actor, the man who plays Theo; the Joe who can reduce his audience to tears with his soulful journey through the life of Vincent van Gogh. I guarantee tears appear. SO; what can one say about Joe Miller? One of a kind, smart, clever, good business sense, generous, serious artist, a friend for life and someone you can count on. Funny to the bone;but always ready to share his kindness and goodness with others. ~ Joyce Faulknor - Cheap Joe's Workshop Instructor
"You have a customer for life and I will continue to recommend 'Cheap Joe's' to my friends." ~ Virginia - Cheap Joe's Customer
"Cheap Joe's is more than hospitable and helpful, everything and artist could need." ~ Cheap Joe's Customer
"I love Cheap Joe's Art Stuff and I wouldn't trade anywhere else." ~ Sally - Cheap Joe's Customer
"Cheap Joe's Art Workshop Studio is set up perfectly! Large art tables, plenty of light and a store right next door! Everyone at Cheap Joe's is knowledgable, enthusiastic and helpful." ~ Cheap Joe's Customer and Workshopper
"Cheap Joe ' has the best workshop facility anywhere! "Everything you could want is there friendly staff right next door. Joe Miller is a wonderful host. His genuine warmth comes across in introducing each workshop on the opening day... a tone continued daily via Edwina ' TLC throughout each session. I always look forward to returning, as do the students." ~ Caroline Jasper - Cheap Joe's Workshop Instructor
"I received your card today... what a magnificent gesture! You have renewed my faith in generous and caring people. I only wish the news would come to actually interview you and your staff to see what real people you are." ~ B. Maddox - Cheap Joe's Customer
"It is an honor to know 'Joe' and a pleasure to do business with Cheap Joe '. I am also honored also that Joe has one of my paintings in his permanent collection." ~ Mark Mehaffey - Cheap Joe's Workshop Instructor
"One of my most pleasant memories of Cheap Joe ' Art Stuff is watching my students at Michigan Tech opening their orders from CJAS and seeing their eyes light up when they found the unexpected gifts. Whether it was a pencil, eraser, sharpener or a coaster and popcorn, they were all amazed. Never do college students get presents from any art supply companies but Cheap Joe ', They are always astounded. It is like Christmas morning in the Art Lab. His kindness seems to be remembered for a very long time." ~ Mary Ann Beckwith - Cheap Joe's Workshop Instructor
"For all at Cheap Joe's, What a very thoughtful group the Cheap Joe's gang is! Thank you for your care for your neigbors. I think your company is great!" ~ Barbara Ema - Cheap Joe's Customer
"Joe Miller welcomed me with open arms to Cheap Joe's beautiful workshop room in Boone, North Carolina. The week long "Loosen Up & Paint Like Crazy!" workshop was filled with twenty painters -- from around the area including Florida, South Carolina and as far away as California. Joe and his staff's hospitality are legend. The best part of his workshop is running next door to the retail outlet and stocking up on art supplies at fantastic "Cheap Joe" prices. I felt like a kid in a candy store!" ~ Robert Burridge - Cheap Joe's Workshop Instructor
"One of my favorite memories was from a summer workshop I taught for Cheap Joe in early July. In fact, the legal holiday for Independence Day was observed that year on Monday, July 5, so most businesses and offices weren't even open for business. Nonetheless, when my students arrived, there were healthy young Cheap Joe ' men who helped them carry the loads of gear from students' cars to the studio- what service! At that time we did not yet have workshop lunches provided. On Friday of workshop week our entire class was invited to the staff potluck dinner (complete with homemade desserts) back in the warehouse. That made us all feel like we were truly part of the Cheap Joe's family!" ~ Kristy Kutch - Cheap Joe's Workshop Instructor
"Dear Joe and the Gang, Cheap Joe's is my favorite art supply catalog and I've always been extremely pleased with the service I've received. Thank you so much." ~ Theresia Reid - Cheap Joe's Customer
"Always helpful as well as enthusiastic employees." ~ Cheap Joe's Customer
"Wow, What a great experience... warm and welcoming, extremely helpful staff, patience and generosity personified. I can't imagine a more time more perfect than my weeklong Art Workshop at Cheap Joe's." ~ Cheap Joe's Customer and Workshopper
"When I first met Joe it was at the FWS yearly convention and trade show. He immediately took me under his wing. He was the nicest, friendliest, funniest person I had ever met. I told him I was in love with his Legend brushes and about all the products I had been using of his for years, including the Fritch brush scrubbers. I love that I can order them, receive them at my home in a matter of days, and might I mention at a wonderfully low price. I told Joe I taught watercolor portraits and he asked me to teach at Cheap Joe's, I did, and I was thrilled! It has been the best experience I ever imagined teaching workshops for Cheap Joe's. They are the best in the business with an impeccable reputation for going above and beyond the call of duty. He is also the most generous person I know. He has treated myself and my family like we are his family. By being an ambassador of Cheap Joe's, he helps me out with my supplies, for which I am eternally thankful! But most of all I am thankful for knowing Joe because he is a wonderful person and dear friend! Thank you Joe and your whole gang for all you do. ~ Suzanna Winton - Cheap Joe's Workshop Instructor
"After speaking with several of your customer service reps, placing my first order and enjoying several of the videos on your site, I feel no different than if you invited me into your home, and it's that hospitality that is so rare in any business today, that has made us friends; thank you for being exceptional." ~ Cheap Joe's Customer
"Cheap Joe's provides a great environment! I have attended Art Workshops, ordered online and by phone for years now and they have the most professional, efficient staff I've ever encountered. The Art Workshop facility is very well planned out and thought through. By far the best one out there." ~ Cheap Joe's Customer and Workshopper
"As for Cheap Joe's what can I say that hasn't been echoed around the world. I feel very fortunate and honored to be a Cheap Joe ' workshop instructor. The workshops have always been fun and accommodating for all involved, due to the conscientious and respectful staff at Cheap Joe '. They are, without doubt, the 'Gold Standard' for art workshops. It's also been my pleasure to know Joe Miller over the last ten years. I don't think he has ever met a stranger. Joe is one of those rare individuals who can energize a room just by walking through the door. I consider him a good friend and an exceptional artist. Happy Anniversary Cheap Joe ' and many more! ~ Sterling Edwards - Cheap Joe's Workshop Instructor
"I just got your catalog in the mail and I love it! This is the best catalog I've seen for art supplies and I love how you show things like the pastel sticks actual size! That is so appreciated. I just had to make a comment. Great layout and wonderful tips. Thank you!" ~ Cheap Joe's Customer
"Cheap Joe's is the CADILLAC of Art Workshops! Noone comes close in hospitality, facilities and the careful attention to the thousands of little details" ~ Cheap Joe's Customer and Workshopper
"At least once in their lifetime everyone should have the opportunity to go to lunch in downtown Boone with Joe Miller. your walk down King Street toward the Boone Drug lunch counter, you will be stopped 6-8 times by passersby. To say that Joe Miller is a magnetic human being is an understatement. Conversations will ensue about past and present events and people, and at least several funny stories will emerge and flavor the conversation. One thing you can be sure about when parting ways, is that the person Joe has been talking with will leave the conversation feeling better about themselves and the day ahead. When you finally arrive at Boone Drug, be prepared. It all begins anew, but with the waitresses and kitchen staff also thrown in to the mix. Luckily for him, Joe Miller chose to transition from a pharmacist to an artist, and not a politician. Of course, he would have made a wonderful politician, but, who really wants to be a politician these days? Luckily for us, Joe Miller decided to follow a passion. He went down a creative pathway that seemed risky and somewhat irrational. Think about it, tubes of watercolor and expensive rag paper housed on the shelves between the Geritol and NyQuil. It did seem a bit odd, even as I carried my art supplies to the check-out counter. For at least several years, I had a weekly routine. After my J.C. Hottentot Turkey sandwich, and prior to purchasing my art supplies, I would make my way up the narrow stairwell to Joe's Gallery on the dimly lit and creaky 2nd floor. There, I would view and study the watercolor landscapes on display. How did he do this section? What pigments did he combine to get this specific effect? I would become so engrossed with these paintings that I would often lose track of time. Fortunately, Joe did for me what others had done for him. He took the time to provide me not only with answers, but with the encouragement and inspiration that led me to believe that I too, could be a real watercolorist someday. Twenty-five years later, we see that Joe Miller continues to ignite the creative fire for thousands all over the world. No one has ever deserved the AWS Dolphin Award more. Via Brushes for Vincent, Joe ensures that children, who under normal circumstances may never hold an artist's brush, have one in their hand to do what all children should do, draw and paint. I offer a most sincere 'Thank You' to my teacher, mentor and friend, Joe Miller. ~ Wes Waugh - Cheap Joe's Workshop Instructor
"When I first met Joe at Springmaid Beach a couple of decades ago, he was not yet Cheap Joe. He handed me a wooden nickel and asked if I would be interested in coming to Boone to conduct a workshop. I asked him, 'What is the most exciting attraction in Boone?' He replied, You stand outside my drug store and watch the traffic light change. The only thing between me and my paper is American Journey Artists' Watercolor paint!" ~ Frank Webb - Cheap Joe's Workshop Instructor
"The old saying is 'Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll have food forever.' Joe Miller taught me to flyfish and looking at his catch and mine you would have to conclude that Joe is a great teacher and an okay fisherman. You might also conclude that Joe and Cheap Joe's is generous beyond words, and you would be right. 25+ years of sharing and caring. Thanks Cheap Joe's." ~ Skip Lawrence - Cheap Joe's Workshop Instructor

Why Skip Lawrence Uses Cheap Joe's

by...Skip Lawrence

Skip LawrenceWhat began as a matter of $$$$ has turned out to be a love of Cheap Joe’s Exclusive Products.

American Journey Watercolors
Now I am not cheap nor am I stupid. So when CJAS came out with pigments that are twice the size for half the price I tried them. There is absolutely no loss of quality and more importantly I found FREEDOM. Freedom to apply rich pure colors in a way I had not known. My paintings took on a new vibrancy and life that is not possible with small tubes at expensive prices. You can feel the same freedom and joy by buying American Journey Pigments. Trust me!

Kilimanjaro Watercolor Paper
Kilimanjaro paper is 53 cents cheaper per sheet than is d’Arches. Now, that is not as great a savings as American Journey Pigments, but at 200 hundred paintings a year I save $50. Kilimarjaro is the whitest paper on the market and for the way I paint that means very little. More important to me is the papers strength and surface. It will handle all the scrubbing, scrapping, and torture I can deal out and ask for more. If you have not tried it, do yourself a favor and give Kilimanjaro a test drive.

My favourite brush is the Skipper (and not because it carries my name). This brush is made of natural bristle and works well with wet washes and heavy application. The Legend, a round sable, is invaluable for watery slashing mark making. I have this brush in several sizes, but if I could have only one it would be a size #12.

Skip Lawrence Studio PaletteUnedited photograph of my tabouret (Tuesday Feb. 8, 2005). Notice that every tube of watercolor pigment is American Journey. The brushes (The Skippers) and palette (Skip’s Palette) are exclusively sold by CJAS. Chock Full of Nuts and Maxwell House are not made or distributed by Cheap Joe (although he will tell you where to buy them inexpensively).



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