Watercolor Demo: American Journey Brushes

Welcome to Cheap Joe's Test Studio!

We're going to talk about watercolor brushes today. We have a new one, called the American Journey Watercolor Brush--100% Nylon, a great brush. I'm in love with it, let me tell you why.

This is the latest in Nylon, the American Journey Watercolor brush. And it's an absolutely incredible brush, it's an interlocked nylon and, of course, we've had interlocked hog hair for oil painting for a long time, but this is the first interlocked nylon for watercolor. I am just so proud of these brushes. They are expensive, they're not an inexpensive brush, and certainly not a cheap brush like my name, but they really do hold a lot of color, and they go a long ways when you load the brush. They hold a wonderful, straight flat edge.

This is a 1.5" Round Handle flat brush, and I've activated some color over here and I'm gonna come over and pick it up. It holds so much color, so I just pick up a a little bit of this Cobalt Blue and go down into the Rose mat or Rambling Rose, whatever that is, and I'm gonna just start back here by laying in that nice sky back there and let that color mix. You can see it mixing on the paper already and this is gonna be a quick, quick little demo with this brush, but this is all going to be done with this 1.5" brush right here. I'm going to come back in here now and put in some of that distant mountain, and it's going to run and that's ok, we're going to let it run in there. Then I'm going to pick up a little bit of that yellow and come over here to the other colors and add some little foliage in those trees right up through there.

I'm going to do the same thing, activate a little more color, and pick up a little something in here and I'm really not trying to make a painting, I'm just showing you how to let this brush go and do its own thing and how much fun it is! Look at this, I just love this thing! It just gives you some neat edges in there. So that's one little area there. Come in here with a little bit different color, not much different though, right here, and let that join right in there, so that becomes that little area. Then we can add a another color maybe, a little warmer even, and begin to put in some of this tree that's overlapping all of this down through here, and let those colors begin to mix together now.

First thing ya know with this big brush we've covered a lot of paper. Isn't that fun? Just adding some water to it in there, gonna change the color over here. Just wanna show you how wonderful this brush is. This is going to be a very large Evergreen tree coming right in here, all from this 1.5 inch brush. When that dries, we can add some detail, add some darker color to it here and there, all with this American Journey watercolor brush that has these wonderful, wonderful points and holds a lot of color--great brush. American Journey Watercolor Brush.

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