Ampersand Scratchbords

Ampersand Scratchbords

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Ampersand Scratchbord is a clay coated hardboard panel for scratchboard that is coated with India ink. Ampersand Scratchbord is durable and easy to scratch into for clean and crisp details and lines.
Scratchbord, 12" x 16"

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  • Scratchbord, 12" x 16"
  • Scratchbord
  • Scratchbord
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Ampersand Scratchbord is a clay coated hardboard panel for scratchboard that is coated with India ink. It is comparable to traditional paper scratchboard, except better. Ampersand Scratchbord is more durable and easier to scratch into for cleaner and crisper details and lines.

For added dimension, colored inks may be added to the white areas and then scratched again for additional highlights and volume. Artwork can then be sprayed with spray fixative allowing the finished scratchboard to be framed without glass.

Brand Ampersand
Series Scratchbord
Company Info

In 1994, Ampersand Art Supply began their mission of reviving the time-honored tradition of panel painting with the creation of Claybord, their very first coated painting panel. Claybord was originally invented by Colorado artist, Charles Ewing, who partnered with Ampersand to develop it further and see its commercial success. Today, Charles is still instrumental in their product development and testing. Over the years, Ampersand has added many wonderful painting panels with unique surface coatings and profiles suitable for all media from oils to pastels.

Green is more than just a choice. Eco-friendly, artist safe Ampersand panels are made from FSC certified sustainable US forest products. They use completely green manufacturing processes that protect the natural environment. No harmful chemicals, no dangerous emissions for artists. A smart choice.

Ampersand is committed first and foremost to supporting artists in their creative process by providing surfaces that are not only a joy to paint and create on, but that will also withstand the test of time. Ampersand’s commitment to quality and archival principles led them to engineer the only archival sealed panels on the market today. Ampersand panels are made with conservator quality wood materials and sealing processes. Only Ampersand uses Archival-Seal technology for sealing wood correctly. Look for the Archiva-Seal logo on every coated Ampersand Series Panel.

Artists using the full range of panels from Claybord to Gessobord to the Artist Panel can rest assured that every step has been taken to ensure quality and performance. Ampersand’s passion is panel painting and they are passionate about our products. Ampersand's signature painting surfaces inspire great art in every medium from oil to watercolors.

Thickness 1/8"
Format Boards
Profile 1/8"
Texture Smooth
Material Hardboard

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CBB12 Scratchbord 12" x 16" 1/8" $18.80 $11.29

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CBB05 Scratchbord, Pkg of 3 5" x 7" 1/8" $13.17 $7.99

In stock

CBB08 Scratchbord 8" x 10" 1/8" $9.94 $5.99

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CBB09 Scratchbord 9" x 12" 1/8" $13.17 $7.99

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CBB11 Scratchbord 11" x 14" 1/8" $14.73 $8.89

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CBB16 Scratchbord 16" x 20" 1/8" $24.79 $14.99

In stock

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