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Cheap Joe's Spring Art Contest

Cheap Joe's 2015 Spring Art Contest Winners!

Cheap Joe's Spring Art Contest Winners

Artwork Wanted

Cheap Joe's is Looking for Customer Artwork to be Featured in Our 2016 Reference Catalog

Image Requirements: 

300 dpi tif or jpg files preferred, but we can scan photos as well.

Please Include:
Your Name · City/State · Email Address and/or Phone #
Title of Artwork · Medium · Supplies Used (Brand Names, Sizes, etc...)

Inspirational and How-to comments are encouraged!

Email Artwork:
Email files (5 mb limit) to terry@cheapjoes.com

Mail Artwork:
CJAS Customer Art
374 Industrial Park Dr
Boone, NC 28607

More Info: 
Email terry@cheapjoes.com or call: 1-855-379-3386. 

Deadline for entry is 9/30/2015.

*There is no cost/fee to submit artwork, so all Cheap Joe's customers are encouraged to submit their favorite artwork to be considered for our 2016 reference catalog. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee all submissions will be included in the catalog, but they may be used in future print publications.


2015 Catalog Selections

Blair Logue with "Woven Paper Basket"
Laura D. Poss with "Inverted Nuthatch"
Joni McKim with "After the Storm"
Randy Emmons with "Alder Grove"
Deb Austin with "Jack"
Tara Funk Grim with "Three Amigos"
Gerald Miraldi with "Licati"
Patsy Priebe with "Sarah Elizabeth"
Hank Pulkowski with "Piazza San Marco, Venice"
Bev Jozwiak with "Bell Bottom Blues"
Donna Anastasi with "Prickly Pears"
Patricia Michaud-Towery with "Voices of the Planet"
Denis Milhomme with "Colorado Creek"
Susan Boyd Dillard with "Roomies"
(Ms.) Ernie Hendrix with "I've Seen Better Days"
Dorrie Rifkin with "Nightlife in Midtown"
Wayne Dick with "Beginnings of Fall"
Karen Bieber with "Backyard Nectarines"
Rosemary Ferguson with "Brass Winds Blow"
Brian Garner with "A New Day Dawns"
Judy Metcalfe with "Green Apple Fiesta"
Shirley Apple Jenkins with "Jacob"
Karen Knutson with "The Journey"
Kie Johnson with "Taking a Bow in Gold"
Elaine Weiner-Reed with "Doors and Secrets"
Deb Babcock with "August Heat"
Jackie Friesth with "Boulder Aspens"
Dan Mondloch with "Superior Afternoon"
Melissa Fischer with "Tiger!"
Monika Pate with "Cannas II"
Graham Pelletier with "The Jellies Three"

2014 Catalog Selections

Sue Tincher Maib with "Sunflower on a Windy Day"
José Zårate with "Wooden Face"
Beth Orthman with "Surfacing"
Erik R. Davis with "October Farm"
Cora Mae Pipkin with "Incorporation"
Cecilia Swatton with "Orange Border"
Diane Johnson with "Metz France"
Rachel Van Camp with "Iliyana"
Katherine Webb with "Pumpkin Splendor"
Stella Mullins with "Escalante Canyon"
Tom Hohn with "Windy Day"
Ann Ranlett with "Call of the Prairie"
Nancy Deckant with "Resting"
Pam Wenger with "Jenn, the Tavern Keeper"
Robert "RL" Thomas with "Jazz Gumbo"
Phil Hilton with "The Snowy Creek"
Soni McFarland with "Birthday Reflections"
Bernadine Bombardier with "Where the Boys Are"
Jim Burns with "California"
Randy Emmons with "Island House Farm"
Eva Ellis with "No Strings Attached"
Gayle Rappaport-Weiland with "All Roads Lead to Home"
Lee Fritch with "Mural Making Mess"
Catherine Hempel with "Wekiva Island Sunset"
Anne Finkel with "Driveway Leaves"

2013 Catalog Selections
John Anderson with "I Think I'm Losing My Marbles"
Jennifer Martin with "From Wax to Watercolor"
Anthony Billings with "57 Chevy #7"
Judy Rider with "Bike Buddies - Key West"
Kim Lockman with "Grapes and Wine"
Randy Emmons with "Sailing the Cove"
Carol Peterson with "Crossing Guard"
Catalina O. Rankin with "Big Easy Ride"
Ann Crain with "Spirit No. 1"
JanettMarrie with "Seventy-Five"
Steve Abbott with "Dawn 5"
Jinnie May with "Passing"
Jean Gill with "On Pines and Needles No. 2"
Randy Hale with "Stanley Mine Shack"
Judith M. Chinkski with "Side Street Arles"
Justin Pastores with "Clean and Safe"
Maria J. William with "Lady Sun"
Kathleen Denis with "Purple Door"
Jackie Irwin with "Broken Branch"
Susan Semenick with "Craig"
Jennifer D. Andrews with "Laundry Day in Burano"
Lynn Pratt with "A New Beginning"
Lois Staples with "Fancy Setting"
Leslie Humphrey with "Appleby Flasher"
Linda Levy with "Liberty Watching Freedom Rise"
Larry Preston with "Egg and Shells"

2012 Catalog Selections
Michael Caudle with "Whiterocks Canyon"
Nel Dorn Byrd with "South on Tennessee"
Jennifer Stone with "Patterns"
Carolyn Carlon with "The Ravine"
Bill Updegraff with "8 Mute Swans"
Carolyn Molder with "Peonies in White"
Dave Savage with "Night Breeze"
Cheryl Metzger with "Puppy Dog Tales"
Diane Hoeptner with "Irises and Duck"
Michael DeSutter with "Cookie Monsters"
Gayle Rappaport-Weiland with "Dreamscape Series"
Dan Schultz with "Looking Below"
Brenda Karhoff with "Chip"
Ron Bigony with "Bank Alley"
Roberta A. Socia with "Ben in Cool Light"
Shawn Ray Rudd with "Comet Moth"

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