Using Spray Bottles With Color

Cheap Joe's Test Studio: Using Spray Bottles

Joe Miller explains how to paint with watercolors using a spray bottle to diffuse water and create air brush effects. These watercolor painting techniques are helpful for adding highlights to your watercolor art work. Here is a transcription for those that can't turn their speakers up:

Hi it's me again, ol' Joe from Cheap Joe's and I'd like to show you how to use the spray bottles with colors in them. Lots of people use a little spray bottle to mist with just water. I love using these with the color in them and spraying to make almost like an airbrush effect. So, stay with me.

Now what I have here is the Holbein spray bottle, they work great. This one is the red color; you can see it's poppy. Sky blue, this is bumble bee and I've already put my bumble bee in there and all I do is take my tube of paint and squeeze in a about a teaspoon full. Then take my water and pour about a third of the way up the bottle with it, put my hand on it like that and shake it until it is dissolved. That takes about thirty seconds maybe, but not too long. And once its dissolved I take the cap and put back in there, shake it a little more. Then I test it over to one side somewhere and see how it's coming out. Oh, it's coming out great. Then if you want to you can lay your mask paper to make a mask over the area you want to keep white. Kind of spray here and there, see lets add a little bit of the blue. Can you see it? I'm going to show it to you on the white paper there. See it coming out? Little bit of the red. Oh, isn't that pretty? And we can do that as much as we want to, to add extra color in there, a little highlight. Great way to add a highlight to a painting that's kind of gotten dull.

That's the way I use these little spray bottles. You can do the whole painting with these little things believe it or not, by simply cutting a mask out. I use news print or even an old newspaper. I'll cut out shapes then lay down then ill spray then I'll take that shape up and put down another shape and spray. Fun way to paint, fun way to have things to do. Great way to add foliage to the foreground or bright flowers in a little scene. Good fun way to do it. Holbein spray bottles that are a couple of bucks each. You're going to love them. See you next time.

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