Artograph Digital Projectors

Artograph Digital Projectors

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Artograph introduces a new realm of LED digital art projection with projectors to fit any need or budget.
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Artograph Digital Projectors

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  • Artograph Digital Projectors
  • Flare LED100 Digital Projector
  • Flare LED100 Digital Projector
  • LED800 Digital Projector
  • LED800 Digital Projector
  • LED1400 Digital Projector


Artograph introduces a new realm of LED digital art projection with projectors to fit any need or budget.

Flare LED100 - The Flare LED100 Art Projector sets the artist free with a portable battery operated projector. The Flare LED100 projects a sharp image from four inches all the way to mural size. Weighing less than a pound with USB and HDMI inputs, consider this projector your new portfolio.

Inspire LED800 - The Inspire LED800 Art Projector brings enhanced brightness in a convenient size. With projection ranging from 25 to 100 inches, this is the perfect choice for artists working at any size.

Impression LED1400 - The Impression LED1400 Art Projector has full HD and 1400 lumens of brilliance, adding a new dimension of skew control. Powerful enough for even well-lit projection areas, this is the studio and workshop projector for your largest-scale, most-detailed work.

Each projector includes 22 custom built-in grids, plus bonus geometric and border patterns, image control and wireless connection from Windows and Android devices.

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Brand Artograph
Company Info

“Make it work and make it easy” was the simple philosophy of Artograph’s founders. In 1947 their vision and perseverance yielded the first Artograph art projector fabricated from assorted automobile and garage door parts, plywood, and old lens and bellows – all junk shop finds.

A creative imagination spurred a product line truly outside the box – art projectors, light boxes, spray booths, and eventually, Open Studio furniture. Each product is backed by a long-standing reputation of high quality workmanship. Regardless of your level of expertise or experience, Artograph offers a wide range of products to best fit your needs. They "make it easy” for you.

Artograph’s mission is to provide a continuous flow of unique and innovative products and services of superior value to the creative markets around the world. Their products will both make the creative process more rewarding and productive for our customers while motivating them to discover and enjoy their creative inner self.

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A810 Impression LED1400 Digital Projector $1,399.99 $1,259.99 $1,200.00

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