Artograph Prism Opaque Projectors and Accessories

Artograph Prism Opaque Projectors and Accessories

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Make it easy. Make it big... with Prism and Super Prism Art Projectors by Artograph. Whether it’s image clarity, copy reduction/enlargement, or color-corrected brightness you need, Artograph offers practical and economical choices for artists.
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Artograph Prism

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  • Artograph Prism
  • Artograph Super Prism
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  • Prism Super Lens, Cross Section View
  • Replacement Photo Lamp
  • Projector Storage Bag

Make it easy. Make it big... with Prism and Super Prism Opaque Art Projectors by Artograph. Whether it's image clarity, copy reduction/enlargement, or color-corrected brightness you need, Artograph offers practical economical choices. Select the optimal model for quick and easy enlarging capabilities to create banners, murals and paintings or precision clarity necessary for airbrushing and fine art.

Artograph Opaque Art Projectors project an image onto a work surface for tracing and visualization. This allows the artist, crafter or designer to size, view or lay out a particular design with incredible speed and accuracy, while maintaining integrity and control. An image may be reproduced exactly or used as a proportioning guide to aid in the creation of a new design.

Each Prism Projector comes with two 250 watt Photo Lamps for 500 watts of photo quality lighting for a whiter and brighter image. Artograph Prism Projectors offer a 7" x 7" (18 x 18 cm) top-loading, glass covered copy area for easy placement of large copy, books, or small even 3D objects. Magnetic door latches and a spring clip keep your copy securely in place in the projection area.

A dual cooling channel system and thermal overload circuit protects from overheating. A must-have art supply for any studio. Dark room required.

Prism - The Artograph Prism Projector is a high quality single lens, tabletop projector for convenient horizontal projection of artwork, designs, patterns, prints and line drawings. The Prism lens is reversible to achieve a wide projection range from 80% reduction up to 20 times enlargement in full color.

Super Prism - The Artograph Super Prism is designed for the artist or designer who needs the best in image clarity and accuracy. Ideal for working from a variety of challenging originals like photographs, halftones and highly detailed drawings. The Artograph Super Prism features a 3-element, color corrected lens for extra sharp images and increased brightness. This Super Lens enlarges originals from 3 to 20 times. Also includes an extra accessory lens to extend the range from 3 times enlargement down to 80% reduction.

Prism Super Lens - Upgrade your Artograph Prism Projector to a Super Prism Projector with a 3-element, color corrected lens for extra sharp images and increased brightness.

Replacement Photo Lamp - Artograph offers a Replacement 250-watt Photo Lamp for Artograph Prism Opaque Art Projectors. You may use a standard 250W bulb in a Prism Projector which does offer a longer bulb life, however, the 250W photo Lamp is recommended because it gives a much truer reproduction of color. Rated for approximately 20 hours of use.

Projector Storage Bag - The Artograph Prism Projector Storage Bag is designed to safely store and carry any Artograph projector. This padded black nylon bag features a carrying handle, shoulder strap and a removable zippered pouch for storing extra lenses or art supplies.

Made in the USA

Caution - Only use with North American standard 110 volt electric wall outlet receptacles.
Brand Artograph
Series Prism
Company Info

“Make it work and make it easy” was the simple philosophy of Artograph’s founders. In 1947 their vision and perseverance yielded the first Artograph art projector fabricated from assorted automobile and garage door parts, plywood, and old lens and bellows – all junk shop finds.

A creative imagination spurred a product line truly outside the box – art projectors, light boxes, spray booths, and eventually, Open Studio furniture. Each product is backed by a long-standing reputation of high quality workmanship. Regardless of your level of expertise or experience, Artograph offers a wide range of products to best fit your needs. They "make it easy” for you.

Artograph’s mission is to provide a continuous flow of unique and innovative products and services of superior value to the creative markets around the world. Their products will both make the creative process more rewarding and productive for our customers while motivating them to discover and enjoy their creative inner self.

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