Ordering and Checking Out

  1. Adding Items to Your Cart

    To add items to your Cart, browse the site to find products you would like to purchase. Once you've done that you will notice that there are several methods to find what you are looking for. For more information on navigating our website, visit Shopping Our Website.

    Once you've located the product page for the item you would like to purchase, click on "Add To Cart" button(s).

    Some pages contain a table or grid, which list individual products available for purchase with corresponding "Add To Cart" buttons. Please note that the product page of an individual item contains only one large "Add To Cart" button.

    Enter quantities for the items you'd like to purchase, then click the "Add To Cart" button to add the selected items to your cart.

    Individual Item Added to Shopping Cart

  2. Order By SKU "Speedy Shopping" Method

    If you have a catalog, a packing list, or invoice and know the item numbers of the products you wish to purchase, then you may use the Order by SKU "Speedy Shopping" form to add items to your Cart quickly and easily. Simply enter the item number (SKU) and the quantity you wish to purchase, then click the "Add To Cart" button.

    Speedy Shopping

    Our Order By SKU page allows you to quickly add multiple items to your Cart, using the "Speedy Shopping" method. Just enter the item number (SKU) and the quantity you wish to purchase. After this step, select "Add Row" button for each additional item you wish to add to your Cart. When you are finished adding rows, click the "Add To Cart" button, which automatically adds items from all the rows to your Cart.

    Speedy Shopping CSV File Upload

    Additional Feature for Registered Customers: When placing large orders it may be beneficial to upload a .csv file, which contains all the items you wish to add to your Cart. This can be done by using this template file, however, the header file must contain two columns, sku and qty. To upload a .csv file to the shopping cart, click the "Choose File" button. Then browse and locate the file on your computer. Click "OK" after selecting the file. After completing these steps, simply click the "Add To Cart" button to add the items from the .csv file to your Cart. This feature may also be accessed under My Account once logged in.

  3. The Checkout Process - Step 1: Checkout Method

    There are 3 options upon Checkout:

    1. Checkout as Guest: Checkout without registering a customer account. If you are checking out as a guest, you will have to re-enter your customer information. This includes your billing and shipping address, each time you place an order.
    2. Register: Registering a customer account is recommended (though not required) for customers. Registered customers may easily store and retrieve multiple billing and shipping addresses to expedite the Checkout process. Also, registered customers gain access to their complete online order history, are able to track orders through their account dashboard, and have access to many site features only available to registered users. Benefits for registered customers include: the ability to create, store multiple Wishlists and Gift Registries.
    3. Login: If you already have an account please enter your email address, password and click "Login". This logs you into your existing account. If you cannot remember your password click "Forgot Your Password?", and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Checkout out Process - Log in, or Register

  4. Registering a New Customer Account

    If you choose to register a customer account during Checkout, you will be asked to enter and confirm a password as part of the next step - "Billing Address Information." Please enter your password information and continue through the Checkout process.

    Once you've placed you're initial order, you can now access your customer account and order information at any time. Which is done by simply logging in or clicking on the "My Account" link at the top of the site. This will take you to your account dashboard page (titled "My Dashboard"), where you can access all your customer account information such as:

    Address Book: Use this option to view, add or delete addresses from your Address Book.
    My Orders: Use this option to view and track all your previous online orders and re-order, with a simple click of a button!
    My Product Reviews: View all product reviews you've left on our site.
    My Wishlists: Use this option to view and modify the items in your Wishlists. A Wishlist is a place that you can store items you use frequently. Wishlists also allow you to purchase at another time. You may share Wishlists with your friends and families for gift ideas and more!
    My Invitations: Invite friends to join you on Cheap Joe's Art Stuff by sending them a personal email invitation.

    Billing Address, Email Address, Customer Information

  5. The Checkout Process - Steps 2 and 3: Billing and Shipping Address Information

    Once you have decided on a Checkout method, you will advance to Billing Address Information. This is followed by Shipping Address Information, which is where you can type in your billing and shipping information. Also you can select from saved addresses in your Address Book (if you have a created an account). Once you have entered all your information click "Continue".

    Billing Address, Email Address, Customer Information

  6. The Checkout Process - Step 4: Shipping Method

    Cheap Joe's offers a number of shipping methods and delivery options. Refer to our Shipping and Delivery page for complete information on Cheap Joe's shipping methods, rates and options.

    Choose your desired shipping method and options, then click "Continue".

    Shipping Methods

  7. The Checkout Process - Step 5: Payment Information

    Cheap Joe's gladly accepts: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and PayPal. At this step, please enter your Payment Information then click "Continue".

    If you have a coupon code or gift card payment and wish to apply it to your order, you can do so from the Shopping Cart page. Also by clicking on the link, "To add or remove gift cards, click here."

    Payment Information

  8. The Checkout Process - Step 6: Order Review

    After entering your payment information, you will advance to Order Review (the final step of the Checkout process). Confirm that your personal information, payment and order information is correct, then click "Place Order". If you need to go back to any previous step to make changes, click on the appropriate tab (Checkout Method, Billing Address Information, Shipping Address Information, Shipping Method, Payment Information) and continue through Checkout.

    Order Overview

    Note - You MUST click "Place Order" (from this screen), or your order will not be processed. Once you submit your order, you will be re-directed to an order confirmation screen and receive a confirmation email.

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