Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Primatek Set

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Primatek Set

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Daniel Smith's Watercolor Primatek colors are unique paints made with mineral pigments, many are semi-precious minerals, mined from the earth, ground finely and made into beautiful watercolors for artists everywhere!
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Primatek Watercolor Set

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  • Primatek Watercolor Set
  • Primatek Watercolor Set


Daniel Smith PrimaTek Watercolors retain many of the natural qualities of their source minerals. In artist's paint, the size of the pigment particle is very important - it determines the amount of light that is reflected and, therefore, the intensity of the paint. Standard pigments are produced in labs and adhere to a specific size. When Daniel Smith develops PrimaTek pigments, they mill the minerals to a point where the color is optimized. Pigments that are too large are gritty and, if milled too far, the color can appear dull. The resulting characteristics of these PrimaTek paints vary based on the mineral. Most have a natural luminosity and many granulate.

Watercolor Primatek Set - Daniel Smith's Watercolor Primatek Set includes a 5 ml. tube each of Amethyst Genuine, Hematite Genuine, Jadeite Genuine, Mayan Genuine, Piemontite Genuine and Rhodonite Genuine.

Brand Daniel Smith
Series Extra-Fine Artists' Watercolour
Color Assorted
Color Family Assorted
No. 285610006

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