Joe Miller: French Easel Comparison

Welcome to Cheap Joe's Test Studio!

I want to talk to you just a little bit today about French Easels because there are so many you can choose from. I want to show you the ones that we offer that are the Cheap Joe's Brand.

This is the original Cheap Joe's Easel. It's made of elm wood, has the easel on the outside of the box here. It comes with a palette and the whole works and is oil-finished. The next one is made of beech wood and this is a little harder word, a little more durable. Sets up exactly the same and the drawers are adjustable. It's a good all-around easel.

This one's really nice. Made of Ash and finished like furniture. As you can see the easel part is even with this so that let's it lay down flat. It has a metal divider in the drawer and comes out if you want to take it out. For those of you that need a compact easel, this is the Half French Easel. It also has the metal divider, and is a little lighter weight - not very heavy at all.

It also comes with a better folding palette - look at that! When you're through, wipe it off, fold it up and it won't get on you. It fits right in the drawer, see how this folds down and it's ready to go. From low price to moderate - none of them are very expensive - but a great investment in your art.

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