Guerrilla Painter ThumBox Version 2.0 and Accessories

Guerrilla Painter ThumBox Version 2.0 and Accessories

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The slim re-design of the Guerrilla Painter ThumBox Version 2.0 makes it and its accessories easier than ever to travel with.
ThumBox Version 2.0 with Palette Extension Kit (sold separately)

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  • ThumBox Version 2.0 with Palette Extension Kit (sold separately)
  • ThumBox Version 2.0
  • ThumBox Version 2.0
  • Hanging Hook
  • Hang-Up Brush Caddy
  • Leather Shoulder Strap
  • Mighty Mite Jr.
  • Palette Extension Kit, 6" x 8"
  • Slip-In Easel, 6" x 8"
  • ThumBox V2.0 Tote Bag
  • Megan with ThumBox Version 2.0


The slim re-design of the Guerrilla Painter ThumBox Version 2.0 makes it and its accessories easier than ever to travel with. The ThumBox Version 2.0 securely holds two 6" x 8" canvas panels completely enclosed within the lid of the pochade box. It includes a slide-out palette with ample storage for all sorts of art supplies underneath. It also features an easy-to-use adjustable lid bracket which positively locks the lid in any position over a full 180 degrees range with only one knob.

While this pochade box includes a hole for your thumb for handheld use, it is predrilled for the Guerrilla Painter Universal Tripod Mount Kit for use with a tripod and bumper feet (tripod mount and bumper feet purchased separately). This pochade box is constructed of strong basswood laminate with stainless steel reinforcing screws, glued joints and rustproof aluminum hardware.

Backpacker Watercolor Palette - Designed by artist Cathy Goodale, this watercolor palette features 14 slanted color wells in two sizes and one mixing areas (plus the inside of the tight-fitting lid). Made of extra durable, double thick, high-impact white polystyrene. Easy to clean.

Deck - This deck is a black plastic cover that may be placed at the base of the Guerrilla Painter Pocket Box if you don't want to use the thumb hole.

Handy Hook - Hang a paint rag, brush washer and more off the side of your Guerrilla Painter Pochade Box or French easel with this lightweight, stainless steel Guerrilla Painter Handy Hook.

Hang-Up Brush Caddy - Use the attached handle to hang Guerrilla Painter-ᅠHang-Up Brush Caddy from the edge of any Guerrilla Painter Pochade Box or French Easel. Holds 10 or more brushes and stores away in the 9" x 12" Guerrilla Painter Brush Tray. Made of white enameled aluminum for easy cleanup.

Leather Shoulder Strap - The adjustable, heavy-duty Guerrilla Painter Leather Shoulder Strap is crafted from harness leather with high quality nickel-plated trigger clips that attach to rings on select Guerrilla Painter Pochade Boxes.

Mighty Mite Jr. Brush Washer - This brush washer holds 2 fluid ounces. Compatible with the Guerrilla Painter Pochade Boxes, French easels and many other setups. Guerrilla Painter's Mighty Mite Brush Washers are crafted of chemical-resistant plastic with a removable stainless steel screen assembly. Lightweight and leakproof.

Nylon Web Shoulder Strap - This shoulder strap is a lightweight nylon strap with plastic clips and shoulder pad. This strap may be used with any of the Guerrilla Painter boxes or carriers. This Guerrilla Painter strap is 1-1/2" wide with a shoulder pad that is 2" wide and adjusts from 23"-43" in length.

Paper Towel Holder - If you use paper towels when you paint, then this is a must. The Guerrilla Painter Paper Towel Holder hangs on the side or end of your Guerrilla Painter Pochade Box or French Easel. Simply run the chain through the tube of your paper towel roll, slide the clips of the chain onto the box or easel and you're ready to paint. Works with most plein air setups. Super compact, it easily stores away within the box when not in use. Made of aluminum and stainless steel.

Palette Extension Kit, 9" x 12" - Double the workspace and increase the flexibility of your Guerrilla Painter Box with this hinged Guerrilla Painter Palette Extension Kit. Right and left hinged palette extensions offer holes to rest a variety of brushes and parking slots for the Guerrilla Painter Hang-Up Brush Caddy. Little metal "standoffs" keep it elevated above your palette when closed. Easily attaches into existing pilot holes. Made of birch plywood and aluminum.

Slip-in Easel, 9" x 12" - The Guerrilla Painter Slip-in Easel is a simple corrugated aluminum panel which holds panels in an elevated position. Allows you to paint with more gestural brushstrokes because it holds your panel or canvas up and away from the lid of your Guerrilla Box. Adjustable metal fingers adjust for size. Please remember that the Guerrilla Painter Slip-In Easel limits the carrying capacity of the Guerrilla Pochade Box to one wet panel. Made in the USA.

Tote Bag - A durable zippered nylon tote for the 6" x 8" Guerrilla Painter ThumBox V2.0. Features a large exterior pocket with a Velcro closure, a small pocket on back for your picture ID or Chapstick and a mesh interior pocket for more paints and brushes. Includes a handy nylon shoulder strap. Please note the Guerrilla Painter ThumBox V2.0 Tote Bag will not carry the original Guerrilla Painter ThumBox V1.0.

Tripod Mount and Rubber Feet Set - This mount is adapted for your 5" x 7" Thumbox for use on a tripod with an easy installation kit. Included in this kit is a Universal Tripod Mount (3" x 3") and four rubber bumper feet (0.5" x 0.25") with screws, washers and nuts. Your Thumbox is predrilled for this set. Weighs 2.4 oz.

Brand Guerrilla Painter
Series ThumBox

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GP10208 Guerrilla Painter ThumBox Version 2.0 $129.99 $86.99

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GP23508 Watercolor Palette $8.99 $5.99

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GP10208D Deck $2.99 $1.99

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GP127 Guerrilla Painter Handy Hook $6.99 $4.69

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GP123 Hang-Up Brush Caddy $22.49 $14.99

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GP141 Leather Shoulder Strap $33.99 $22.66

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GP210JR Mighty Mite Jr. Brush Washer $22.49 $14.99

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GP142 Nylon Web Shoulder Strap $29.99 $20.99

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GP13208 Palette Extension Kit $22.49 $14.99

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GP125 Paper Towel Holder $10.49 $6.99

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GP13308 Slip-in Easel $32.49 $21.99

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GP901 Tripod Mount and Rubber Feet Set $24.99 $16.69

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GP10208B Tote Bag $26.99 $17.99

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