Holbein Artists' Watercolor, Bright Rose, 15 ml.

Holbein Artists' Watercolor, Bright Rose, 15 ml.

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Holbein Artists' Watercolor Paint, Bright Rose, inspires creativity, delivering consistency, permanence and performance in every brush stroke. Available in a 15 ml. tube.

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Bright Rose, 15 ml.

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  • Bright Rose, 15 ml.
  • Bright Rose, 15 ml.
  • Bright Rose, 15 ml.

Holbein transparent watercolor paints contain no ox-gall, dispersing agents, or other animal by-products which allow these paints to move slowly. This unique consistency allows the artist greater color density and brush control but also remains smooth without cracking, crumbling, chipping or molding to the palette.

The pigments / ingredients for Holbein Artists Watercolor Bright Rose are unavailable at this time.

This paint has the following properties:

  • Transparent
  • Staining
  • Moderately Permanent

Holbein professional watercolor paints are available from Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff in a 15 ml. tube.

Brand Holbein
Series Artists' Water Color
Color Bright Rose
Color Family Pink
Size 15 ml.
Format Tube
Pigment Info BV11:1/AB83
Opacity Transparent
Lightfastness Moderate
Staining Staining
Temperature Warm
No. W370

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