Using the Logan 201 Circle and Oval Mat Cutter


Using the Logan 201 Circle and Oval Mat Cutter

A quick demonstration on how to use the Logan 201 Circle and Oval Mat Cutter. For those that can't turn up your speakers, here is a transcription:

To install a blade in the Logan 201 Oval and Circle cutter, first remove the cutting head from the scale bar. Locate the blade holding knob and loosen it two or three times. Insert one Logan #324 blade down into the blade holder from the top and use your thumb to wiggle the top of the blade so the blade seats properly at the bottom. Then simply retighten the blade knob. Put the cutting head back on the scale bar and the blade is installed.

Onto the mat board. Use your palms to press down. The sharp pins on the underside of the base sink into the mat board and help hold the base still. To begin the cutting process press you left hand on the base and with your right hand on the scale arm rotate the cutting head from a 1 o'clock position down to approximately 5 o'clock position. Spin the mat board underneath and continue. On the first step the blade doesn't actually cut into the mat board. You're simply lining up the reel. After one full revolution, click the blade lever one step. Make another full revolution and this allows the blade to score the surface of the mat board.

After completing the second circle move the lever to the second step which allows the blade to cut half way through the mat board. On the third step, the blade is now cutting all the way through the mat board and scoring into your backing sheet underneath. At this point you can remove the oval cutter and set it aside. The middle should drop out and you'll have a perfectly beveled oval 8x10 mat.

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