Using the Logan 400 Picture Frame Fitting Tool


 Using the Logan L400 Picture Frame Fitting Tool

A quick description on how to properly use the Logan Picture Frame Fitting Tool. For those that can't turn up your speakers, here is a transcription:

The number of inserts to use of course depends on the size of your frame. In general, inserts should be spaced one to two inches from the corner and four to five inches apart on the sides. Rotate the turret on the fitting tool so that the type of insert you'll be using faces the foot of the tool. To operate the fitting tool , slide the foot away from the insert. Load insert into the turret slot. Be sure that the pointed end faces out. Align the tool's body and the tip of the insert against the frame.

Gently rest the body on the frame material. Slide the foot until the bumper rest firmly against the frame. Finally, firmly squeeze the handle driving the insert into the wood until the turret stops against the frame. For best results keep the tools body flat against the backing material while squeezing. To release, squeeze the lock plate on the foot and rotate it off the frame. Then slide the tool back along the top of the backing material to remove from the insert.

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