Using The Logan 750 Simplex Plus


Using the Logan 750 Simplex Plus

A quick demonstration on how to properly use the Logan 750 Simplex Plus Mat Cutter. For those that can't turn up your speakers, here is a transcription:

To cut a three inch border mat using both production stops, first adjust your parallel mat guide to the three inch mark and tighten both knobs in place. Always use a backing sheet. Insert your mat board blank into the machine color side down and install both productions stops onto the guiderail. The bottom production stop can be immediately set to the three inch mark. Now mark one line with a pencil. Turn the mat a quarter turn to the right and install the bevel cutting head onto the guiderail. Again line up the start and stop indicator with the drawn pencil line.

Before cutting, slide the top production stop down until it makes contact with the bevel cutting head and tighten in place. The machine is now set for one side of the mat to be cut with two production stops. To make the cut use the anti-crawl pin and rotate the cutter into the mat board. Pull back until you make gentle contact with the bottom stop. Because the machine is set for the short sides only, you must rotate the mat 180 degrees.

This two production stop cutting system is best used when cutting multiple numbers of mats that are the same size with same size borders. Set aside this half finished mat board blank and insert a fresh piece. Continue making all of the short side cuts.

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