Painting Loosely from Photographs Series: 6 DVD Set

Painting Loosely from Photographs Series: 6 DVD Set

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In this video series Eric Wiegardt addresses his students most common questions about creating better, looser watercolor paintings from photographs.
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6 DVD Set

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  • 6 DVD Set

In this video series Eric Wiegardt addresses his students most common questions about creating better, looser watercolor paintings from photographs.

Area of Dominance - In Area of Dominance, Eric effectively encapsulates what makes a good composition. His simple explanation is a breath of fresh air to those encumbered with ineffective theories. This video applies the concepts demonstrated in the previous five videos, plus more, to show how to construct the all important center of interest. 46 minute art instruction video.

Color in Shadows - In this DVD, Color in Shadows, Eric shows how to effectively create the feeling of natural light in your paintings by addressing color application in the shadowed areas. By simply following a few basic concepts, he demonstrates the construction of a beautiful painting and avoids the dead photographic gray represented in photographs. This instruction will show how to flood your paintings with vibrant color. 32 minute art instruction video.

Color Mixing - In this DVD, Color Mixing, Eric demonstrates practical color mixing techniques. This video encompasses strictly the mechanics for mixing vibrant color combinations and how to effectively translate them onto the paper. Through his insightful process, Eric demonstrates that "muddy color" can be eliminated by following the procedures demonstrated in this video.36 minute art instruction video.

Connecting Shapes - In this DVD, Connecting Shapes, Eric demonstrates in this video how to paint through the boundaries of objects to create new shapes. Through this process major design concepts are discussed; such as, creative edge quality, reflected light, better and larger shape construction, and how to avoid annoying "halos". This video will enable one to create loose and expressive watercolors from a design standpoint. Watch as the painting unfolds into a loosely defined painting, tying the shapes together. 36 minute art instruction video.

Landscape Theory - In this DVD, Landscape Theory, Eric conveys his practical and effective methods for students to make landscape theory and application a regular, natural part of their painting process. Eric reviews how light affects the values of the planes of a landscape, the sky, ground, middle and far distances and how water is perceived. Eric demonstrates first with value studies and then brings it all together with a full color reference painting. So join Eric for a memorable look at Landscape Theory in this easy to comprehend and fun exploration. 48 minute art instruction video.

Outside Edge Shapes - In this DVD, Outside Edge Shapes, Eric shows that one of the key components in painting loosely is a proper understanding of edge interpretation. He demonstrates how you can bypass much of the unnecessary detail as long as adherence to edge interpretation is maintained. This is especially helpful to those who want to "get it down, get it done and get to lunch!" and yet still have satisfying results. 46 minute art instruction video.

Brand Eric Weigardt Gallery
Publisher Eric Weigardt Gallery
Run Time 280 min.
Author / Artist Eric Weigardt
No. 00EW6

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