Weber Permalba White Artists Oil Color, 473 ml.

Weber Permalba White Artists Oil Color, 473 ml.

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Artists' have relied on Original Permalba White for superior quality and permanence since 1921. Permalba White will not yellow with age and will yield tints of true color value and brilliance. Painting mediums do not affect its integrity.

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Permalba White, 473 ml. Jar

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  • Permalba White, 473 ml. Jar

Professional Permalba Oil Colors are crafted by combining the most lightfast and densely concentrated pigments with safflower and refined linseed oils. The result is professional grade oil color range that has superior color retention and a creamy consistency that will not crack or yellow with age.

Permalba White - One of the most notable products from Weber was developed in 1921 by artist and chemist Fred Jr., the son of founder Frederick Weber. Original Permalba White Artists Oil Color was the first of its kind in that it was free of toxic, lead-based pigments that had been commonplace to artist's oil paints. It is comprised of Titanium and other pigments and prepared in a process that was developed after extensive laboratory testing and is AP nontoxic. This acid and alkalis free formulation has a smooth buttery consistency that dries to an elastic-like film and will not yellow with age. Original Permalba White boasts superior opacity and coverage and still remains the standard in artists white oil paint today.

Brand Permalba
Color White
Color Family White
Size 473 ml.
Format Jar
Pigment Info PW6/PW4
Opacity Opaque
No. 2958 473 ML.

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