Watercolor Demo: Porcelain Palette

Welcome to Cheap Joe's Test Studio!

I want to show you a new palette that we have, it's a porcelain palette now available at Cheap Joe's Art Supply. You can hear that, it sounds like a bathtub and it is like a bathtub and weighs 7 lbs. I just love it, let me show you why.

This is my old Cheap Joe's Piggyback Palette, which I love and have painted with it for many many years. And now we have the new porcelain palette. This is the lid, and it's the same as the piggyback because it fits right in there. This thing absolutely cleans up so well and so easily, with just a damp tissue and it would just wipe right up. Nothing stains it. The color doesn't bubble up on here, it stays right there, it's just wonderful! I love this palette. It's not a palette that you'll be traveling with, but it's a palette that you're going to love having in your studio, you have my guarantee on that.

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