Watercolor Demo: Putting in the Sky

Welcome to Cheap Joe's Test Studio!

I want to show you today how I am going to put a sky in a painting that I've done that I haven't put the sky in. We'll see if it will work using an atomizer.

I have cut up this paper bag and will lay it over my painting where I don't want the spatter. I'm going to use the Coastal Fog in the beginning, and I'm just going to start spraying. It's just like an air brush, look at this! Now I've got a little more in the tree areas here so I'm going to blog that out with a tissue. Now, before that dries, I'm going to come right into this with ultra-marine blue, and I'm going to pull my mask up a little higher because I don't want it down in here, and I'm going to start spraying it.

Wow, isn't that going to be fun? I'm going to pick up one more color, Rambling Rose, and by using the same atomizer, run into that blue here and there. It should kind of turn it purplish. I can come back again and spray some more into it and simply come across it like that with a Golden Fleece brush. Well, this may not work after all. What would happen if we sprayed now with just some water into it, to right over the painting and wow, I don't know.

In a minute we're going to put a mat over it and see how we did. Here's what we have now and since it's dark I can imagine it is snowing. So I'm going to take my toothbrush, dampen it just a little, and take the titanium white paint over here on the palette--you don't ever want to put it in a well and leave it because it will get hard--so I just activate a little. Take a tissue and I'm going to put some snow in this painting by flicking this brush like this. There's our snow like that. Wow, isn't that fun? I just love doing snow scenes because we have them here, and it's a fun day sometimes to paint and look out my window and see the ridges and the valleys covered in snow. I hope you've had a good time, I sure have!

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