R&F Encaustic Tools

R&F Encaustic Tools

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R&F Encaustic Tools help the professional artist finesse the surface of their encaustic paintings with control and precision like never before.
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R&F Encaustic Tools

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  • R&F Encaustic Tools
  • Temperature Regulator
  • Spatula Handle
  • Burnisher Tip
  • Horn Tip
  • Iron Tip
  • Set of 4 Flexible Cold Tools
  • Cold Tool, Circle
  • Cold Tool, Diamond
  • Cold Tool, Oblong Angled
  • Cold Tool, Oblong Flat

R&F Encaustic Tools help the professional artist finesse the surface of their encaustic paintings with control and precision like never before.

Heated Handle - The wooden Heated Handle plugs into the temperature regulator and has the ability to accept interchangeable screw-on tips. Heated screw-on tips may be used to fuse and manipulate the surface of your work. You can scribe, carve, burnish, blend, or model the wax with them. The different heads were designed from sculpting, painting, and printing tools. Each shape is designed to serve multiple functions.

Burnisher Tip - The Heated Burnisher Tip is useful for smoothing the surface and for marking on encaustic paint surfaces.

Iron Tip - The Heated Iron Tip has a flat bottom and tapers to a sharp point. Useful for smoothing and making marks on encaustic surfaces.

Horn Tip - The Heated Horn Tip is pointed for scribing, with rounded sides for adding texture to your surface. The marks it makes are similar to those on the ancient Fayum portraits.

Cold Tools - The Cold Flexible Tools may be used with or without heat to create a refined surface. Designed after the tools that the first practitioners of encaustic used in ancient times these tools bring a modern sensibility to today's encaustic artist. Select from Circular, Diamond, Oblong Angled and Oblong Flat shapes or a convenient set of all 4 tools. These tools are made of high carbon steel and are expertly finished.

Temperature Regulator - The Temperature Regulator is a necessary component to keep the heated tools at a safe working temperature. This regulator accepts one tool at a time and plugs into a standard 120 v. household outlet.

Brand R&F
Company Info

At R&F, they have built their reputation with encaustic as the core of their line and have been instrumental in the expansion of the medium. When R&F began in 1988 it continued a tradition of high-quality commercial encaustic paint production dating back to the late 1940s. The high quality, beautiful visual properties of R&F Encaustic Paints are owed to the careful labor process and the beeswax contained in R&F Encaustic Paints makes them water resistant and very durable leaving your artwork fresh over time.

R&F’s Founder Richard Frumess began making encaustic paint as a painter simply to support his own artistic practice and to ensure that ready-made encaustic was kept in production at a time when there were no commercial manufacturers. During the first year Richard produced encaustic paint as R&F Encaustics. While he struggled to start-up the business, asking pigment suppliers for double samples and also working a second job, the seed was firmly planted. This first year in business Richard sold a line of 39 colors including five “pearlescents” to art retailers in New York City as well as Denver, CO and internationally in Paris.

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RF941 Cold Tool, Circle $22.25 $17.80

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RF942 Cold Tool, Diamond $22.25 $17.80

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RF943 Cold Tool, Oblong Angled $22.25 $17.80

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RF944 Cold Tool, Oblong Flat $22.25 $17.80


RF940 Set of 4 Flexible Cold Tools $75.95 $60.76

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RF934 Burnisher Tip $19.25 $15.40

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RF991 Heated Handle $24.25 $19.40

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RF992 Horn Tip $19.25 $15.40

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RF993 Iron Tip $19.25 $15.40

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RF990 Temperature Regulator $68.45 $54.76

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