Richeson Shiva Oils, Cadmium Red Deep, 37 ml.

Richeson Shiva Oils, Cadmium Red Deep, 37 ml.

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Richeson Shiva Oils, Cadmium Red Deep, is ground to its own degree of fineness and formulated under exacting laboratory controls. Available in a 37 ml. tube.
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Cadmium Red Deep

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  • Cadmium Red Deep

Richeson Shiva Oils, manufactured since 1929, offer a rich history and long standing quality. The Shiva Oils use only pure, artist grade, dry pigments, ground to each one's own correct degree of fineness and then formulated individually under exacting laboratory controls. They are guaranteed to be permanent, free from darkening, yellowing, fading and cracking, and are bound with the finest grade of alkali-refined linseed oil available.

Richeson Oils go through a rigorous series of processes, which ensures an even distribution of the pigment and results in a buttery, even consistency. Because great care must be taken to avoid overworking the pigment, the amount of time required for the milling process varies greatly for each color, anywhere from six hours to three days. Each color of paint that is made must be treated individually. Last in the process is "resting time" for a minimum of 90 to 120 days before tubing, so that the pigment can reach its maximum absorption level. Richeson tests the paint through the resting process and only after the oil is determined to have reached its prime is the color tubed. Richeson's commitment to provide only the best of the best does not allow for short cuts. The Shiva Series has generated positive response from some of the top oil painters in the country, including Ramon Kelley, Daniel Greene and Kate Palmer.

Richeson Shiva Oils were made in the USA and are available in 37 ml. tubes.

Brand Richeson
Series The Shiva Series
Color Cadmium Red Deep
Color Family Red
Size 37 ml.
Format Tube
Pigment Info PR108:1
Lightfastness Excellent
Temperature Warm
No. 120010

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