Sennelier Soft Pastel Set of 80, Assorted, Half-Sticks

Sennelier Soft Pastel Set of 80, Assorted, Half-Sticks

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Sennelier Soft Pastels are highly concentrated and so soft that a gentle stroke will deliver a solid, powerful line of brilliant color. This collection of 80 half-stick colors provides a set of famous Sennelier Soft Pastels at an affordable price.
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Set of 80, Assorted, Half-Sticks

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  • Set of 80, Assorted, Half-Sticks
  • Set of 80, Assorted, Half-Sticks

Sennelier Soft Pastels are water soluble and have an unparalleled pigment intensity. Even a gentle stroke delivers a solid, powerful line of brilliant color. 100% pure pigment, meaning no clay, binders or fillers have been added. Sennelier Soft Pastels offer incredible depth and luminosity and are lightfast to hold color for centuries.

This Sennelier Soft Pastel is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with snug fitting foam to protect each stick.

Half-Stick Sets - Sennelier Soft Pastels are also available in half stick sets. The half stick size is valued as much for being sturdy as it is for being economical. Its strength enables it to withstand extensive handling and traveling. The low price point enables artists to afford far more colors. Half stick pastels have the exact same pigment and binders composition as the full sticks. Each hand-molded half-stick measures 1/2" x 1-1/4"

Set of 80, Assorted, Half-Sticks - A must for every artist studio, this collection of eighty half-stick colors provides a very complete range of Sennelier's famous pastels at an affordable price. This soft pastel set includes one each of Apple Green 205, Baryte Green 760, Baryte Green 763, Baryte Green 764, Bistre 061, Black Green 179, Blue Gray Green 500, Blue Gray Green 504, Blue Violet 333, Bright Yellow 341, Bronze Green Deep 158, Brown Lake 269, Burnt Sienna 462, Cadmium Yellow Light 297, Cadmium Yellow Orange 198, Cassel Earth 412, Cerulean Blue 257, Cerulean Blue 264, Chinese Vermilion 791, Chinese Vermilion 795, Chromium Green 231, Chromium Green 233, Cinereous Green 347, Cinnabar Green 751, Cinnabar Green 754, Cobalt Blue 353, Cobalt Blue 356, Cobalt Violet 366, Coral 920, Flesh Ochre 016, Golden Ochre 127, Helios Red 681, Hot Brown 191, Intense Blue 464, Intense Blue 468, Ivory Black 513, Lawn Green 148, Lemon Yellow 600, Lemon Yellow 603, Madder Carmine 378, Magenta Violet 940, Magenta Violet 944, Moss Gray Green 168, Mouse Gray 400, Mummy 104, Naples Yellow 099, Nasturtium Orange 930, Nickel Yellow 901, Nickel Yellow 904, Night Blue 771, Olive Gray 449, Olive Gray 453, Olive Green 239, Orange Lead 037, Persian Red 780, Persian Red 782, Prussian Blue 288, Purplish Blue Gray 479, Purplish Blue Gray 481, Raw Sienna 508, Raw Sienna 512, Red Brown 006, Reseda Gray Green 212, Reseda Gray Green 213, Sapphire Blue 621, Steel Blue 710, Steel Blue 713, Turquoise Blue 730, Turquoise Blue 732, Turquoise Green 722, Ultramarine Deep 388, Ultramarine Deep 391, Van Dyck Brown 439, Van Dyck Violet 406, Van Dyck Violet 409, Vermilion 083, Viridian 252, Viridian 256, White 525 and Yellow Ochre 115.

Brand Sennelier
Size Half-Stick
Color Assorted
Color Family Assorted
No. 10-132233

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