Setting Up Your Watercolor Palette


Cheap Joe's Test Studio: Setting Up Your Watercolor Palette

Cheap Joe demonstrates how he sets up his watercolor palette. He explains how he lays out his colors from warm colors to cool colors keeping everything in order.

Here is a transcription for those that can't turn their speakers up.

Hi, I'm Joe from Cheap Joe's. I'm going to show you how I set up my watercolor palette in hope that if you need help setting yours up it will help you.

This is the piggy-back palette that I use. This is the lid. This is the palette. I've put a couple of tubes of paint out already to show you how I do it. I lay the colors that I've bought around my palette from warm to cool. Then when I pick up the tube and put the paint in the palette, I write right there with a sharpie pen "RS", which for me stands for Raw Sienna. Then watch this closely, I fill this well up just like that and by doing that with each color the air only gets to the top and not to the sides or the bottom and it won't dry out quickly and it will stay really really nice. I'm going to jump over to one of the blues. This is ultra-marine blue and I'm going to do the same thing and squeeze out enough to fill up the well. Then put the cap on.

So, I go from warm, the warmest color which is bumble bee yellow, all the way around through here filling each one up to the coolest colors which are the blues. So, that's how I do my palette and on this website you will be able to see the colors that I actually use in my palette. I'm going to move and set my old palette here to show you. You can see that I've used it a lot. It's well well used and I love the way this works.

Well I hope this has been helpful. Be sure to look for our other tips that we will periodically put on the website for you. Thank you so much for your business and happy art.

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