Setting Up Your Watercolor Table

Cheap Joe's Test Studio: Setting Up Your Watercolor Table

Cheap Joe Miller demonstrates how he sets up his studio table for doing watercolor paintings. He show the correct set up to make you more efficient while doing watercolor paintings. Here is a transcription for those that can't turn their speakers up:

Hi, I'm Joe from Cheap Joe's and I'd like to show you how I set up my studio table to do my watercolor because it really helps if everything is in the right place.

I make a water-blotter out of a roll of toilet tissue and a paper towel folded in half just like that. Roll the toilet tissue up in the paper towel and that becomes my water blotter that goes right there.

Here I have my gator-board and my paper on it ready to paint, ready to do my sketch from my sketch that's right here. If I'm right handed then I want everything on the right hand side. So I want my water bucket on the right side so I can come here to my water bucket, get the excess water off, pick up some paint and come here to the paper and apply the paint so that it just is so easy. If the paint were over here it would a possibility of making a mess on this paper. I have my brushes here; I have my Kleenex here to clean my palette with. I have my paper towels here, my trashcan, everything on the right hand side and it makes it so much easier to paint if everything is organized. Gator board, paper, bucket, water-blotter, paint, brushes, everything I need right here.

Well thank you for being here with me. Remember if you're right handed you want everything on the right hand side of your paper and your support board. If you're left handed you want everything on the left hand side so that you're not having a possibility of dropping water and causing blossoms or run-arounds.

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