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Here at Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, we are passionate about fine art supplies and artist materials. Any budding or professional artist that still recalls the smell of a newly opened box of crayons, or the feeling he/she had when making their first pencil or brush strokes, knows the sort of happiness art and art materials can bring.

Vendors and manufacturers from the world over make their way to Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, here in Boone, NC, to show us their latest and greatest fine art supplies, craft supplies and artist materials.

There are few things more exciting than receiving a new set of art supplies, as it opens the door to endless creative possibilities and endeavours. Any artist can use art supplies and make something amazing.

When we get new "art stuff" to review, we have an in-house committee of artists and employees who not only look at, but use the art supplies that we consider for our inventory. We make a point to examine each art material for overall quality, durability, and value. Each person on the review committee is asked if they would spend their own money for the items that they review. We know that purchasing art supplies sometimes requires an investment and we always are mindful of that fact.

So, when you are shopping with Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, and our online store, keep in mind that we have a team of dedicated, artistic people that have carefully considered each product offered. We all want to make sure that you get the best art supplies available for your hard earned dollar. Welcome to Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, we hope that you enjoy shopping here with us!

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