Watercolor Demo: Using a Painting Knife


Welcome to Cheap Joe's Test Studio!

You hardly ever think of using a painting knife in watercolor, but a friend of mine many years ago showed me this, and his name is Charles Sharpe. I've enjoyed using a painting knife ever since then. This particular painting knife is #808 of Cheson, and it has a sharp point. You come over to your palette and pick up the paint. Hold it like this with the point down and you pull out like this. Look at that! You get these very fine lines that you certainly could not get with a rigger brush even because then it would take one hair of the rigger to get such a fine point.

One more way to use it, is to pick up some of that color on it--not too much, and hold it like this and flick it. What that gives you is a really fine spatter in there. It's a very fine and course texture and is a lot of fun.

Also while the painting is wet you can scrape out some things like you would with a razor blade or with the Cheap Joe's Scraper. Again, it's just another way to put texture into your watercolor painting. Happy Art!

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