Watercolor Demo: Using Spray Bottles


Welcome to Cheap Joe's Test Studio!

One of the fun things that I love doing with my art is using spray bottles--misting and getting texture, and I'm going to show you how I use those little spray bottles today.

I'm going to take the sprayer out of the bottle, and I have a tube of paint--this particular paint is American Journey Coastal Fog, a very beautiful color, a little opaque so it's nice to color in some areas. What you do is take the tube of paint and put it right there and I'm going to squeeze about 3 inches of paint straight out of that tube. I'm simply going to walk over here and put some water in that, about halfway. Put your thumb on the bottle and shake until thoroughly dissolved. Put the sprayer back in it, and just simply start spraying it.

There it comes, look at that! I'll do it over darker areas so that you can see it, it looks like snow there. If I wanted to add some ultra-marine,I would start spraying some of this ultra-marine for a little darker color. Start spraying a little bit of the red and let it mix in with the blue and get a nice violet. You get the idea.

Then take a Rigger brush, and while it's still wet, pull some limbs and things out with the color that's there. Wow, isn't that fun? Of course the painting isn't a very good painting so I can play a lot with it, but I might end up with something that is halfway decent--we call that reclaiming a painting and we will be doing that one of these days!

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