Watercolor Demo: Using the Atomizer

Welcome to Cheap Joe's Test Studio!

Today I'd like to show you about the Atomizer. I don't use it a lot in my watercolor, but generally when I do use it, I'm real pleased with the results. I'm going to show you how I use it.

We take the atomizer, and you always put the small pipe into the paint container--whether it's a cup of paint, or a spray bottle. Then you come in just like this. The harder you spray, or the more pressure you put on it, the finer the mist. Isn't that fun? I love doing this!

Now I'll pick up this Sap Green. Look at that, this is just too much fun, it can be easy to get carried away with it. The Painting's almost totally changed here. I can come back and add a little more yellow where I got a little too much blue and turn it green. The nice thing about this, too, is that these colors are going to always stay clean because we're allowing the color to mix on the paper rather than in a palatte or with the brush. It's kind of like pouring, except we're spraying with a fine mist. It's like having an airbrush without having to have the compressor and everything, which is fun, too!

But that's an easy way to reclaim a painting also.

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