Transfer a Value Study To Watercolor

Cheap Joe's Test Studio: Value Study To Watercolor

Joe shows how he transfers a sketch from his value study book to the watercolor paper in preparation to doing a watercolor painting. Here is a transcription for those that can't turn their speakers up:

Hi, I'm Joe and I'm back again. I'd like to show you today how I transfer a sketch from my value study book to the watercolor paper in preparation for doing a watercolor.

I have my sketch, my value study that I have done. I have a piece of watercolor paper and I have my gatorboard. Now you will notice on the gatorboard that I have taken a sharpie pen and marked off approximately half on each side and then half again to the corner. And now I can take my watercolor paper and lay it on that. It won't get on the paper because it's waterproof. I have taken my value study and done the same thing. This is half and half approximately. I don't get caught up in making it too detailed. That way I know that if I'm coming from right here, this little line right here goes right down there. Look here, I'm doing it heavier than normal because I want you to be able to see it. This is just right at half which is right here. So this comes down like that. That treeline comes down and I have that evergreen tree right in here. This line starts over here between this one and that one, right here and here. Through there like that, and I just continue following that knowing that these are my guides until I get to the place that I have my drawing completed following this to this. So now I'm ready to do my watercolor.

I usually use a 2B pencil rather than the 8B that I did here this morning. It won't be as heavy on there so the watercolor will actually absorb some of it.

I hope that was helpful to you. Tune in again when we have more tips for you.

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