Walnut Drawing Ink

Walnut Drawing Ink

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If you have not tried Walnut Drawing Ink, you are really missing out. This ink delivers a wonderful true sepia tone. It has the flow of acrylic ink, but when thinned with water it will perform and layer like a watercolor.
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Walnut Drawing Ink

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Walnut Drawing Ink is a lightfast, concentrated ink which delivers a wonderful true sepia tone. Its viscous consistency, holds equally well in a brush or a hand dipped pen.

Thinned with water as a light wash and layered, each successive overlap produces a darker shade. Areas or lines made directly from the bottle produce dense, almost shiny marks. Its rich warm character is reminiscent of marks seen in drawings by Tiepolo, Rembrandt, and Fra Bartolommeo. As far as we know, there is no other ink on the market like it.

Walnut Drawing Ink is handmade in the US from premium imported materials. Available in a generous 2.6 oz. bottle made of PETE, a clear, unbreakable plastic.

Is Tom Norton Walnut Drawing Ink Made From Real Walnuts - Nope, the ink is not made from walnuts. Walnut Drawing Ink is walnut colored made from premium light fast pigments that will not fade over time. Walnut Drawing Ink is also acid free. Genuine walnut ink is highly acidic and actually eats the paper over time. The drawings of the Great Masters were made with genuine walnut ink which was black when it was freshly made over time it faded to the beautiful sepia tones that they are now. Walnut Drawing Ink replicates these sepia tones. Walnut Drawing Ink is water-based allowing you to achieve darker tones with layering techniques or lifting to lighten.
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