Watercolor Training 4: Painting Shadows


Welcome to Cheap Joe's Test Studio!

I've brought the painting almost to it's conclusion and in that we've done clouds, we've done trees, we've done negative painting, positive and negative trees and now we're going to take some Cobalt Blue and Red Rose Deep mixed to a nice purple, loaded on this nice 1.5" brush.

I'm just going to lay in some shadow stuff back in here that will hopefully make the house really come alive. Isn't that a beautiful color? Hold the brush kind of sideways to get some of these road accents coming in there. I'm even going to add a little bit of this violet here along the house and above these little people to see what it does. That's going to be our painting! We'll put a mat around it now and see what it looks like.

I've enjoyed it and I hope you have, too!

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