Weber Res-N-Gel Quick Drying Extender Gel

Weber Res-N-Gel Quick Drying Extender Gel

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Weber Res-N-Gel gives a buttery brush response, prevents colors from running, retains character of brush strokes, holds sharply defined detail, adds luminosity and brilliance to colors and accelerates drying. Ideal for glazing effects.
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Res-N-Gel Quick Drying Extender Gel

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  • Res-N-Gel Quick Drying Extender Gel


Weber Oil Painting Mediums are ideal for extending oil paints, for accelerating drying time, for increasing transparency, brilliance or durability or for creating a variety of oil painting effects.

Res-N-Gel Quick Drying Extender Gel - A full strength, synthetic resin gel medium, Res-N-Gel is transparent, viscous and ready-to-use. Ideal for impasto, opaque and glazing effects, it extends oil colors while maintaining body, has a buttery texture and will retain brush strokes and fine detail. An excellent medium for painting with either brush or palette knife to create a full range of impasto, opaque, translucent glazed effects. When mixed with oil paints, colors will become more luminous and brilliant while accelerating dry time. AP Certified nontoxic. Available in a 150 ml. tube.

Brand Weber
Size 150 ml.
Format Tube
No. 2761

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