Adhesives and Fasteners

Here at Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, you'll find a wonderful selection of adhesives, fasteners, tapes, glues, and adhesive sprays for every fine arts and crafts project. Find great deals on everyday art supplies you need on hand for all the projects to come!

No project is completed without a few adhesives or fasteners to help you before, during, and after creating. In this collection, you'll find an array of great products that are commonly needed by artists of all kinds. A popular option here are the clips. Every artist needs the power to keep their work in place on their gator boards, tables, or other surfaces. Other clips featured here are designed to clamp onto round tubes. Need magnet strips for your pallet boxes or pans? We have those too! Other popular items that artists need include Mod Podge, 3M masking tape, and Yes! Paste. Other items are great to simply have at the ready, like pins, tacks, glue, pushpins, rubber bands, staples, and more. You'll also find an array of adhesives in this collection. Available in sheets, tapes, and sprays, you can easily find the right type of adhesives you need for your projects. We even offer our own adhesive strips for greeting cards. Shopping with us ensures you get the best deals on products like these, as we buy direct as often as possible. We believe in offering our customers only the best, professional-grade art supplies. You can rely on these adhesives and fasteners to stabilize your work, make your workspace more functional, project your finished pieces, and so much more.

Shop this collection worry-free with our 365 Day Return Policy. After you've received your products, you have an entire year to decide if they belong in your art supplies. Love Cheap Joe's Art Stuff? Sign up for our email list to receive our newsletter featuring the latest on new products, sales, and much more. If you have any questions about our inventory of adhesives and fasteners, please contact us for further assistance. We'd be more than happy to assist you in finding the right products for your needs.

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Tips, tricks, thoughts and inspiration from across the art spectrum.

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From Cheap Joe’s Art Blog

Tips, tricks, thoughts, and inspiration from across the art spectrum.

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