Arches Watercolor Travel Journal, 140 lb. Cold Pressed, 6" x 10"

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Ready to take anywhere, the Arches Watercolor Travel Journal is spiralbound along the short edge to keep all of your artwork contained. Includes 15 sheets of natural white, 140 lb. cold pressed paper ideal for watercolor, gouache, ink, acrylics, and drawing.
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The Arches Watercolor Travel Journal includes 15 sheets of natural white, 140 lb. cold pressed 100% cotton rag paper ideal for watercolor, gouache, ink, acrylics, and drawing. The journal is spiral-bound on the short edge, and the rigid black card cover and backboard provide stability for working in plein air or for drawing as it allows for a sturdy support surface to work on.

Each Arches Watercolor Travel Journal contains durable, acid-free, pH-neutral, and air-dried paper with natural gelatin sizing to the core. It will remain vibrant for centuries without conservation if stored and handled properly.

Manufactured in the same French mill since 1492, artists worldwide have depended upon Arches for optimum quality papers worthy of their finest work.

Cold Press - The cold press finish has a light texture and is the most common watercolor paper finish. It reflects light well, retaining the transparent quality of watercolors. A light tooth makes it easier to achieve certain details. Not just for watercolors, Arches Cold Press is also recommended for gouache, acrylic, dry drawing media, and airbrush.

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