An Update on Jim Bailey’s Art Studio
and New Painting Innovations!

First, I want to thank you for including my art studio in the New Palette Issue #61.  Since it has been over a year I thought it was timely to send you an update showing the addition to my studio and my new painting innovation that I refer to as, “Luminous Paintings.” There are also photos showing a portion of the interior of the studio that included about 200 of my paintings, mostly attached to the ceiling along with a 1914 Ford Model T Speedster that was a retirement gift.

I enlarged the studio in order to accommodate a 10 ft. easel with a 4 x 5 ft. easel board that raises and lowers with an old sailing ship’s block and tackle.  On the easel is the 3 x 4 ft. luminous painting, “OLGA.”  It has the appearance of a typical acrylic painting of an old fishing boat with natural lighting.  I painted the sky with colors thinned-down like watercolors so the the light, either natural or electrical would reflect through the canvas.  Further, I painted a portion of the back side of the canvas with warm colors suggesting the glow of a sunset.  Finally, I attached an LED light to the back of the canvas to turn on for night-time viewing.  I have also included photos of my luminous window paintings that were painted on standard canvases with thinned-down acrylics and are lighted by natural day light similar to  stain glass windows.

I have shared this luminous painting idea with several of my artist friends and they tell me that they have never seen this technique used before.  I like to think of myself as an experimental painter, always looking to try something new.  The greatest compliment I receive is when someone walks into my studio for the first time and tells me that it looks like several artists’ works are on display.

I feel very fortunate that at 85 I have a studio to go to each day and fill my time having fun and doing creative things.

Thank you.  I appreciate the opportunity to share my ideas with others.

Jim Bailey




Window Paintings

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