Here at Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, you'll find a great selection of pastel paints, tools, and other supplies to create beautiful works of art. Whether you're looking for paints and tortillons to add to your studio or pastel pencils and papers to use while on the go, there is something here for every artist. Shop great deals of pastel paint sets and more that you won't find anywhere else!

In this collection, you'll find all of our professional-grade pastels and the supplies you need to work with them. We offer soft, medium, and hard pastel paints from popular brands like Rembrandt, Great American Art Works, Prismacolor, PanPastel, Unison, and more. If you need primers, grounds, blenders, extenders, stumps, or tortillons for your pastel artwork, we carry a great selection of these as well. Prefer working with pastel pencils? Shop options from Cretacolor, Faber-Castell, Derwent, and Conté. With our selection of artist-grade pastels, you can easily find the colors you're looking for and the mediums to use for your artwork. We offer sanded, coated, and other pastel papers in sheets, pads, boards, and pochettes. If you're looking for reliable storage for your paints and tools, you can shop palette trays and pastel carriers in different sizes to securely transport and store your art supplies. From amateur painters to professionals, there are excellent pastels, tools, and other supplies in this collection that will perfectly suit your artistic needs. Not only are these pastel paint sets great for personal use, but they make for excellent gifts for fellow artists!

Shop this collection worry-free with our 365 Day Return Policy. With our return policy, you have any entire year to decide if a product is right for your needs or not. Be sure to check our Returns and Exchanges page for more information. Want updates on new products and special offers? Sign up for the Cheap Joe's email list to receive our newsletter! If you have any questions about our inventory of pastel paints or any other products, please contact us for further assistance. We'd be more than happy to assist you in finding the best pastels for your needs.

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Tips, tricks, thoughts and inspiration from across the art spectrum.

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From Cheap Joe’s Art Blog

Tips, tricks, thoughts, and inspiration from across the art spectrum.

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A Portrait Sketch - Stepping outside your comfort zone

In a lot of ways, art is about perseverance. I'm convinced of that. I set out this week to get out of my comfort zone and do something I don't typically do: draw a person.

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