Golden Heavy Body Acrylic, Prussian Blue Historic Hue, 5 oz.

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Golden Heavy Body Artist Acrylic, Prussian Blue Historic Hue, is an authentic recreation of a color that has been used for hundreds of years. A deep cool blue that is nearly black and creates muted shades and tints. Available in a 5 oz. tube.
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Golden Historical Artist Colors are authentic recreations of paint colors that have been in use for hundreds of years and were considered essential to the working palettes of past masters. As the pigments originally used to produce these colors were found to be unsafe or vulnerable to the effects of light and weather, they had not been offered in a Golden line of pure pigment colors.

Prussian Blue Historic Hue - Serendipity played a part in the creation of Prussian Blue. A pigment-maker named Diesbach, working in Berlin around 1704, attempted using a mixture of ground bones and blood to create a red color. He was surprised when his experiment produced a remarkable blue instead. Known as the "first of the modern pigments,” Prussian Blue is significant as the first artificial pigment with a known history and an established date of first preparation. Artists who struggle with replacing true Prussian Blue pigment with the acidy clean Phthalos will appreciate this re-creation. This new blend of Phthalo Blue Red Shade, Dioxazine Purple and Bone Black - with a deep, dark reddish blue cast - achieves as close a hue as can be created today without using the stubborn Prussian Blue pigment in an acrylic emulsion.

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