PacWrap Complete Shrink Wrapping System, Includes: 42" Sealer, Heat Gun and 40" Roll

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This PacWrap Complete Shrink Wrapping System includes 42" I-Bar Shrink Wrap Sealer, 40" x 500' of ATW 501 Crystal Clear Shrink Film and the unique PacWrap Heat Gun. Designed to save you time and money.
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The PacWrap Complete Shrink Wrapping System is designed to save you time and money when protecting your artwork for professional sale and display. Exclusive features offer safety, speed, and ease of use that others just can't match. Perfect for the art fair artist, art organizations, or small business.

The PacWrap Shrink Wrapper plugs into any standard household-type outlet. Two electrical outlets are built into the back of each system which is a great convenience for a crowded studio! Just plug your heat gun into one of the outlets, and you'll still have another one free. The exclusive dual-incline fusing circuitry protects the PacWrap's heat sealing electronics and the operator.

Each PacWrap Shrink Wrapping System includes an I-Bar Shrink Wrap Sealer, 500' of ATW 501 Crystal Clear Shrink Film, and the unique PacWrap 1505 Heat Gun.

I-Bar Shrink Wrap Sealer - Exclusive safety Shrink Wrap sealer arm provides one of the fastest and strongest shrink wrapping seals available from any shrink wrapping machine. Simply lower the arm. The red heat sealing light comes on while the seal is being made (about 2 seconds or so), then turns off when it's done. Release the arm and you'll have a perfect, clean, strong shrink wrap seal. Clean, factory-fresh shrink-wrapped packages were never so easy. The fully adjustable timer will accommodate any common shrink wrap film. No more guessing about how long to hold the arm down!

ATW 501 Crystal Clear Shrink Wrap - Manufactured in North America from the highest quality virgin resins, ATW 501 Crystal Clear Shrink Wrap film is easy to open, static-free, and has excellent tensile strength and impact resistance.

PacWrap 1505 Heat Gun - Built with a heavy-duty motor, the heat gun heating elements are shock-mounted in a tough plastic compound case. It will withstand all the hard knocks and accidental drops you can dish out and keep running beautifully.

Please Note - Shrink Wrapping Systems may take 4-12 weeks to receive. Units are custom built when ordered and sometimes have to wait on parts. Expedited shipping is not an option.

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Brand PacWrap
No. PW42-C-110

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