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Creating your masterpiece is only half the battle; the other half is finding the right art presentation and display tools in order to present your artwork to the public in a way that's visually appealing, easy to transport, and safe. On our website, you'll find all the display easels you need and more to professionally present your artwork to a client or gallery.

When you want to enlarge a drawing, painting, or photograph without having to go through the process of having a physical copy enlarged, you can use projectors for art presentation and display. The Prism Opaque Art Projector from Artograph provides artists with the most practical choice, featuring a Prism Super Lens that is color-corrected for extra sharp images and increased brightness. For the beginning artist or art student on a budget, the Tracer Projector from Artograph is the most budget-friendly option, portable and easy to use with no assembly required and a horizontal projection onto any flat surface. The CineBeam LED Digital Projector from LG is our most expensive projector, but it's also the most high-tech, as it connects to Bluetooth for sound, uses screen share, and has home theater quality.

We have a wide variety of display easels, including some exhibit and display walls that allow you to showcase a handful of pieces at once. You get the most options when you shop from Testrite and Walker Display System since both brands specialize in easels and display systems that are reliable and impressive in size. Many of the Testrite products also have wheels on the bottom, making it easy to transport your artwork to and from the display site, though Walker Display System also has easy assembly and disassembly for the same purposes.

When you're presenting your artwork to the world, you want it to look as professional, beautiful, and organized as possible. We're proud to offer you new and innovative ways to display your art. If you have any questions about our products or are unsure which display piece would be best for your next presentation event, don't hesitate to give us a call.


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From Cheap Joe’s Art Blog

Tips, tricks, thoughts, and inspiration from across the art spectrum.

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