Pebeo Studio Gouache, Primary Magenta, 220 ml.

Pebeo Studio Gouache, Primary Magenta, 220 ml.

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Pebeo Studio Gouache, Primary Magenta, is an opaque and highly pigmented student gouache, perfectly suited to work in illustration and decoration with colors remaining bright even after drying. Available in a 220 ml. tube.
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Primary Magenta

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  • Primary Magenta

The Pebeo Studio Gouache range is dedicated to students. Studio Gouache colors are vivid and intense, with a perfectly even flat wash. The range of Studio Gouache contains a true trichromatic black and a balanced primary system that allows for obtaining mixed shades with particularly low gray rates. Studio Gouache is ideal for making models, studies, decors and illustrations.

Brand Pebeo
Series Studio Gouache
Color Primary Magenta
Color Family Pink
Size 220 ml.
Format Tube
Pigment Info BV11:1/PR57:1/BR1
Opacity Opaque
Lightfastness Moderate
Temperature Warm

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