Painting Tools and Accessories

From palettes and mixing trays to mahl sticks and sponges, our collection of painting tools and accessories has everything you need to create beautiful works of art. Whether you're restocking supplies in your studio, assembling your child's first art supply, or browsing items to use in your art class, you can find a great assortment of commonly used tools here at Cheap Joe's Art Stuff.

The right tools are so important in any artistic environment. Keep your paints and other liquids stored neatly with our selection of palettes, tubes, droppers, pipettes, and squeeze bottles. Are you a watercolor artist in need of new supplies? Shop sponges for paint corrections and texturizing, and color wheels for precise color mixing. Using oil or acrylic for your next painting? Find the right painting and palette knives in this collection, as well as rubber-tipped tools to help you achieve the perfect textures and other details. Nail those very fine details with the support of a mahl stick (which also helps with shoulder, arm, and back aches). Need something to help you get that last bit of paint from your tubes? Shop our tube wringers to ensure you're able to put every last drop of paint to use! No matter what painting tools you need, you can find the best prices on the ones you need with Cheap Joe's. Since we buy direct as often as we can, we're able to keep our costs down so you spend less time worried about budgeting and more on your craft. This selection, as well as the rest of our inventory, is designed to suit any artist's budget.

With our 365 Day Return Policy, you have a whole year to determine if any one of these tools featured here is right for your needs. Should you find a paint knife or palette wasn't for you, we'll gladly take it back! See our Returns and Exchanges page for more details. Sign up for the Cheap Joe's email list to receive our newsletter and special offers! Questions about our inventory of painting tools? Feel free to contact us for more information

Color Charts and Color Wheels

Mahl Stick

Paint Scrapers

Painting and Palette Knives

Palettes and Mixing Trays

Proportion and Perspective Tools

Rubber-Tip Tools

Storing and Dispensing Liquids and Paints

Tube Wringers


From Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Art Blog

Tips, tricks, thoughts and inspiration from across the art spectrum.

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From Cheap Joe’s Art Blog

Tips, tricks, thoughts, and inspiration from across the art spectrum.

Pencil sketch of a little boy with a hat on in an open sketchbook with pencils and erasers.Pencil sketch of a little boy with a hat on in an open sketchbook with pencils and erasers.

5 New Year's Resolutions for Artists

Dreams can take any shape. Goals are dreams put into action. And, both can improve upon the past. I like this thought. And, what is a resolution but a dream with a promise of action?

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Cheap Joe's 2 Minute Art Tips - Relax-It’s Kilimanjaro 300 lb

In this 30-minute art demo, Julie demonstrates why using Kilimanjaro 300 lb. watercolor paper is almost worry-free, with an abstract watercolor using American Journey and Daniel Smith paints.

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